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"Compliance? Boring."
"Ethics? Reminds me of religion class in school."

These are quotes from managers who apparently were not aware of the competitive advantage proper Ethics and Compliance Management creates. Yet if you change perspectives you will be able to see that 

  • it is a core element of all you environmental, social and governmental (ESG) activities, not only by paying into the governance-part through prevention of corruption but buy contributing to the underlying culture of ethical behavior,

  • it makes you immediately more attractive for investors (Wouldn't you also rather invest in a company that can show that honesty and ethical correctness is key in their activities?),

  • it makes you an attractive employer. Nowadays, people are more and more concerned with what the culture of a company is like, what their values are and also what they do with regards to sustainability - and prevention of corruption through Compliance is crucial part of Sustainability Management

  • It makes you more attractive to business partners (High chances they actually get what they need without being cheated on...),

  • it protects you from financial and reputational damage (Think legal service fees, loss of customers, forgone business opportunities...),

  • it protects the management from liabilities (Yes, the management can be held liable not only for their own but also for their employees' misconduct!),

  • it protects the employee from liabilities (Having in mind at the very least their employment contracts.)

  • and you comply with legal requirements depending on the scope of your Compliance Management System and relevant jurisdiction (Competition Law, HR and Data Protection regulation, prevention of economic crime and corruption, Whistleblowing regulation, ESG standards...).

And then you can be proud of it. Compliance Management is a competitive advantage. 

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