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Compliance and Equality - Panel Discussion

It's been a while already, but in March I hosted on behalf of EQS a panel discussion with an exquisite selection of (all female) guests.

Every year, Equal Pay Day on March 7 and International Women's Day on March 8 point out that the gender distribution (m/f/d) is still not balanced today. For example, women are still paid less and are underrepresented in management positions.

But what about equal opportunities within the compliance area? Are there maybe special responsibilities of the compliance department, considering that compliance management is (not alone but substantially) responsible to enforce ethical behavior in the company?

We have used the occasion of these two (holi)days as an opportunity to take a closer look at the topic in a panel discussion, in which proven experts talk about their subjective experiences and impressions and discuss possible solutions for more equal opportunities, not only with regards to the gender dimension.

Here is the linke to the recording, unfortunately it is only available in German. More English stuff will follow in the future, I promise.

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